To Eric from Celina..

My very first Boudoir session; at my home studio on a cold rainy Saturday morning. This was also my first 40 minute session. I typically shoot for 1-1.50 hours but I've decided to include shorter home sessions to make my life just a little bit easier. 
Thanks to my month long trip to India in April, I have many beautiful wraps, beaded belts, flowers, backdrops, and all the bangles & bindi's a girl could ask for. I also met a body painter a few weeks ago who would love to work her magic on a beautiful pregnant belly or a goddess in a boudoir.
Ahh, I'm all tingly and so excited to see how this is going to unfold over the coming months and years ;)..

I'm over the moon and in Love. 

My favourite!Celina looks so stunning wearing a bindi. I love the splash of yellow and her pretty purple shoes in the background.

I've looked at numerous boudoir portraits online and didn't quite like the style; except for a few fine arts photographers. I wanted to create just the perfect blend of tenderness, love, femininity and sass.

Before our session I dropped by the flower shop and picked up a couple of flowers for Celina. And it was such a beautiful coincidence that Celina brought along a matching pair of undies.

"The Goddess is Alive. Magic is afoot."