Boudoir: Take me there

Brandi wanted to surprise her man for his birthday with beautiful Boudoir pictures. This session was silly amounts of fun because Brandi had a case of the giggles and she was such a goof ball. You can't tell from these pictures though can you? I asked her to dwell in her place of infinite love and think about Nick. Her eyes light up and sparkled away for the rest of our session.. 

Nick, the twinkle in those eyes is all for you.. 

I so enjoy processing with textures. It takes forever but it gives me immense joy.

I asked Brandi if she wanted to include a little secret message to Nick and she asked me to write the words "Take me there..".

 I can not get over how stunning her face is or how intense her eyes are.

My absolute favourite. So sensual and playful.. 

~Happy Birthday Nick