Wedding - August and Ken

August and Ken were married on a beautiful August day at The Sands on Golden Lake. KK, their fabulous wedding planner from Ces Soir Productions called me on a Thursday night to see if I was available for a wedding that Saturday. Both the wedding photographers she had booked fell through and a good friend of mine sent her my blog. It just so happened that I was visiting my girlfriend in Pembroke, ON that very weekend and happened to be 30 minutes from the Sands resort.

Thank you universe for conspiring to make this all happen.

I usually spend a great deal of time getting to know a couple in order to capture them in a real, true and intimate manner. This time however, I did not have the luxury of doing so. KK let me know that August and Ken were free spirited & adventurous and would love a fine arts finish to their wedding photo's. KK was referring to the Eternity style of processing I use to create a timeless and artistic finish.

Wedding guests got to spend a stunningly perfect day at the beach. This was also the most kid friendly wedding I've ever been to. The beach had a cute little sand/play box and there were cute little munchkins everywhere having a blast.

Ken with his son Cohen waiting for August to make her grand entrance..

When KK said, August and Ken were adventurous, I didn't realize she meant "the bride will be arriving by  plane" adventurous lol!

Both enjoy flying and it only made sense that the bride would arrive by plane to their summer beach wedding.

Hands down the most stunning aisle I've ever seen!

August had her son Cade walk her down the aisle..

I love this photograph of the family and ceremony.. it was such a sunny, breezy day and a casual ceremony and I feel this picture captures the atmosphere perfectly. 

I completely fell in love with August's curls

I always try to sneak the couple of away from everyone to capture a few loving moments. With all the million little things that happen on a wedding day they sometimes seem a bit distracted. August and Ken however, were really at peace and happy to have a few moments away and made the best use of this time together. With the stunning background and a loving couple, my job wasn't just easy it was easy peasy.


All the details at this wedding were created by KK and she did an amazing job capturing the true essence and unique little quirks of August and Ken..

In the spirit of August and Ken's love for eachother and their love for flying, I think this quote by the poet Rumi is simply perfect.

This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step with out feet." Rumi