Boo Boo and Laurel and all things bright and wonderful..

After 2 months of morning sickness this was the perfect way to start shooting again. Usually when I'm done I spend some time reflecting on the pictures I've taken, the time it took me to change the setting on my camera, things I did well and things i can improve on. I can honestly say that I do not remember taking any pictures. I remember driving out to the country and running around with a couple of cute little monkey's on a beautiful Fall day. I met Stacey at her friends wedding and she really liked my style and asked me to do a family session at her home in the country. Stacey and Nathan have two beautiful happy little daughter's named Laurel and Boo boo. Ok, her name isn't actually Boo boo but this is what her family call her and I've been meaning to email Stacey to find out what Boo boo's name is and never got around to it. I'm perfectly happy calling her Boo boo because she is SUCH A BOO BOO!! :)

Stacey warned me that her daughters might be a little shy.. nuh uh! Laurel was so excited to see me, the first thing she said was "I'm getting my picture taken todaaayyyy!!!".  Everytime I started taking pictures of Boo boo she'd run up to me and remind me I was supposed to take pictures of her. So I had to get her permission first before shifting my attention to her little sister.

Lucky little one's have a beautiful back yard, a play structure built by Daddy (and will be completed someday hehe), a tire swing and acres of corn fields.

Same picture with different styles of processing. Love how Boo boo's eyes transform from blue to green.

I absolutely love this collage..

I asked Laurel to throw her arms up in the air but poor little thing was so afraid to do it she actually looks like she's being held hostage lol

Nathan and Stacey - the proud makers of these beautiful, mischevious, happy little girls.

We took our eyes off Boo boo for all of 10 seconds and she made her way up the stairs and into the play house and let us know with that BIG grin just how proud she was.

Laurel invited me to her room to show me her jewellery box and enjoy some ice cream.

 See what I mean? Such a Boo Boo!!

I wanted to give Nathan and Stacey a couple of pictures they could enlarge and hang on their walls. They have a beautiful warm country home and I think these would look lovely!

I asked Laurel to pick her faaaavvvvvouurite leaf out of the thousands that were lying around and she chose this one..

While taking these pictures and processing them, I had a big goofy grin on my face and I know that everyone who sees these pictures will  be smiling too.

Thank you Nathan, Stacey, Laurel and Boo Boo for conspiring with me to bring more smiles into this world....