With Elliott Reese and her family..

The Plan - We had cute little baskets, bows, wraps, beads and a gazzilion ideas for baby Elliott's session. We were going to get family portraits, allow Elliott to nap and then dress her up and in put her in baskets, throw on a few beads & wraps and get some totally adorable newborn baby shots. All this of course was based on the assumption that she was going to stay asleep while we had our silly fun.


What actually happened - Yummy family photo's were a success, Elliott falling asleep an even bigger success, Elliott staying asleep while we dressed her up.. failure. Oh she woke up everytime after a few short minutes and she let us know just how strong her lungs were and how annoyed she was with us; in a totally adorable yet heartbreaking teary-eyed kind of way.

 "That sound you hear - That's God laughing while you make plans.."

Sounds like a bit of a disaster right? Nope.. life rarely ever goes as planned and that's ALWAYS a good thing.

Here's the absolutely divine result that left us all smiling..

Jeff, Rebecca and they're baby doll Elliott Reese VanderMeulen. 

Since life is full of beautiful little surprises, Elliott was born 5 weeks early on her Aunt Jacquie's birthday.

The universe instantly became a brighter place..

Big brother Taylor had a very calming effect on Elliott as she cried her little heart out trying to get rid of me lol

My absolute, all time favourite baby photo. She looks so delicious, sweet and peaceful.

She was asleep for all of 3 minutes and woke up to find herself wrapped in beads and was understandably annoyed.

This one just makes me laugh! We envisioned a baby girl asleep in a basket with the word "peace". But this is just so much funnier lol

Taylor just watched all of this insanity unfold and doesn't it look like he's thinking "Leave the poor kid alone"

Elliott gave me 5 minutes of out of this world sweetness before saying enough!

I wanted to give the VanderMeulen's a unique family photo and LOVE LOVE LOVE how this collage turned out!

Jeff and my husband are cousins and were actually roommates when he first started dating Rebecca. We are bursting at the seams with happiness at how perfect and happy they are together and how great it is to have Elliott become a part of our lives. We get to watch this little munchkin grow and fill us with pride and awe with every little thing she does!