From Jon, Tanya, Graeme and Sydney - With Love..

This was my last session for 2010 and THEEE most perfect session I've had to date. Any photographer will tell you that each session brings a great set of opportunities for creativity and a tiny amount of unexpected challenges and surprises. Tis the nature of art and it is a very rare occasion when absolutely everything lines up perfectly. This session with the lovely foursome was a rare alignment in space-time lol. The weather was just the perfect kind of crisp, the sun wasn't too bright which made the lighting soft and kind, the subjects paid attention to all the suggestions I made for wardrobe and more importantly they all showed up with an open mind.

Jon and Graeme are brothers and Tanya and Sydney their respective partners in crime. All four wanted to give their parents portraits as part of their Christmas presents and I can confirm that said parents were very very thrilled with the results! 

These pictures were taken at my home studio along the beautiful pathways behind our home. In just a few short weeks the fall colours have been transformed to a simple white winter wonderland. I wanted to make sure the images didn't turn out too plane and white - pizzazz is very important to me lol. So I spent some time scouting the web for textures that would most compliment winter images.

The triptych below is a perfect sample of how I process - Image to the left has basic fixes, image to the right has two beautiful textures applied to it and image to the centre is a black and white version. I try to include these options with as many images as possible, which is why it takes me so long to process. The pleasure of processing with textures and the end result make it totally worth it!

Love this one!

Graeme and Sydney - these two have the most intensely sharp eyes...
And Graeme also had to let me know that he was better looking than his brother Jon so taking his pictures would be a breeze hehehe

I looooove this image. There was some giggling going on here and it looks so adorable and sweet!

What did I tell you? Intense eyes!

I started shooting professionally in January 2010 and I absolutely love that the last session of my first year of photography has turned out so out of this world perfect!! I set out this year wanting to master portrait photography, fine arts processing, lighting and creating something unique - Victory is Mine! mwhahaha but seriously, I am bursting with fruit flavour!

Jon, Tanya, Graeme and Sydney - thank you for all your sunshine!

2011 is going to be divine perfection!