365 Days of Maya - Day 21 - The most beautiful sound

Any mother will tell you that when your child is born and you hear him/her cry for the first time it is the most beautiful sound in the world and something profound happens - you become a mother. I remember an endless wave of happiness and love flowing through me and tears streaming down my face. Any new parent will also tell you that all subsequent cries will create a sense of panic, helplessness and fear within you - at least this was the case with me. I found myself panicked running to her rescue every time she cried. I realised this wasn't helping either one of us and decided that every time she cried I would take 3 deep breaths, create a sense of calm within myself and then take care of her. I've been doing this for a few days now and I'm happy to say that I am finally at peace with the uncertainty, newness and utter cluelessness of being a new mom. 

Thanks to this little exercise I have been meltdown free for 8 days now and enjoying my bundle of love and spit-up.

I am so lucky that Maya cries only when she needs something and the longest she's cried is probably for a minute. 

p.s. how freakin' cute is that scrunched up nose??