365 Days of Maya - Day 23 - In his arms

I'm convinced she loves him more than me. 

I get updates from Baby Center telling me how by week 3 my baby will recognize my voice and look at me. This is not the case in our household. My endless calls of "Maya Maya Maya, look at me Maya!!" have resulted in not much. Of course when daddy comes home and calls her name she looks right at him and smiles (and looses the ability to blink). When Maya was born and I was in recovery, my husband held her and sang "you are my sunshine". He has her on his chest every evening and reads to her for a good 2 hours. Although I'm not sure Aldous Huxley's Doors of Perception is appropriate reading material. He'll hold her for entire naps and will finally give her to me when he realises his arms are numb. I'm not the least big jealous of their special bond. Maya is so lucky to have a father who loves her so much. Not a lot of children get to grow up with 2 loving parents (I sure didn't) and our baby is so blessed.