365 Days of Maya - Day 68 - Reunion

Frankie got to see his half-brother Alex after 12 years. We had Alex and his fiance Danielle over for dinner and got to spend a beautiful evening catching up and getting to know eachother. It was one of those happy (so so happy), joyous, wonderful, great evenings and we all said good-bye making plans to meet again feeling so so sooo happy. My husband fell asleep with a smile on his face and I felt such genuine love and happiness from Alex. I can not use the word happy enough in this blog :).

Yes, that is a broken curtain rod in the back. We fixed it twice and both times it fell off the wall until finally it split in half. I was obsessing over that damn curtain rod until I realized my biggest problem in life was a broken curtain rod. Now it just makes me smile.