365 Days of Maya - Day 73 - Papa's little girl

Frankie and  I were having a silly argument over Maya's hair. I like it when her hair is straight down her forehead like one of the Beatles and papa likes it when it has a nerdy side part. She looks almost exactly like him - she has my lips (even that is iffy) and her hair is dark (this could easily have been inherited from Grandpa Frank).  I imagined her growing up to be just like her papa - dorky, silly, happy, kind, athletic, funny, generous, adventurous, romantic, warm, cuddly, grateful, spontaneous, zombie survival expert, Terrence McKenna reading, techno music listening, quantum mechanics loving, video game playing NERD of all nerds. If papa had his way she would grow up to be one of the following - Piano player, Physicist, Golfer, F1 driver or some sort of modern day Shaman. Thankfully no one is having their way here other than Maya.

Maya, your mama and papa will support you in all that you want to realize. Always remember to follow your bliss little one!