365 Days of Maya - Day 77 - All my bags are packed..

Learned a great lesson today. I had many errands to run and the power went out and didn't return until 1 pm. So I couldn't shower and get out of the house until 3 pm. I freaked out about the whole thing thinking I didn't have enough time and was in a constant state of "why is this happening to me?". Maya developed a horrendous diaper rash, got dandruff on her head and the car seat strap cut her neck. So I was in tears thinking that I failed to take better care of her. Everything healed up good in less than 24 hours. Diaper rash cream, coconut oil and boo boo cream did the trick. And I got everything done and then some more. This day would have been a lot of more fun if I had just stayed calm. 
Going with the flow takes a bit of practice.