Boudoir - For Ingrid

Hani wanted to do something special for her girlfriend Ingrid to celebrate their 1 year together so my suggestion of course was a Boudoir session. She wanted something that represented her feminine and masculine side so Calvin Klein boy undies, pearls and cherry blossoms helped create the perfect look.

I am also not ashamed to admit that I was DESPERATE for a photoshoot. I love being a mama but I was going a little bit crazy and needed to do something just for me. I felt so energized, happy and creative after this session and it helped me realize how important it is to make some "me" time in order to be a happy mother and wife. 

As you can tell from the different finishes, I couldn't decide which one looked the best so I included all of them. 

Cherry blossoms were in full bloom and not only did they fill the room up with heavenly fragrance they look uber feminine and pretty tucked behind Hani's ear and all over her back.

I love this one.. i love the warmth, the soul in her eyes and the delicate smile on her lips.

I enjoyed arranging the flowers and pearls on her back. I wanted to create something that looked like a piece of art.

The bottom two are my favourites from our session. Sooooooo beautiful and so simple.

Thank you Hani for being gorgeous and for listening to all my crazy ideas. Can't wait to hear what Ingrid thinks of these pictures.

And thank you sweet Maya for sleeping through this session and waking up to nurse just as we were done.