Saturday, July 16, 2011

365 Days of Maya - Day 106 - Friday afternoon

To make up for the past 2 days, Maya and I had a super special afternoon. She loves playing in her bathtub so I let her splash her little heart out. My kitchen floor was wet but my Maya was beyond delighted. I then gave her a massage and dressed her in my fav pink dress. I bought this when I was pregnant when I wanted a girl but didn't know what I was having. I still remember holding this dress at the store trying to imagine what my baby would look like. Now here she is looking so content and bright. 

I took Maya outside and we admired the bright blue sky and leaves rustling in the wind. I read to her as she dozed off for her afternoon nap. I spent a good hour just sitting there looking at her sweet face feeling so thankful for this time I have with her. 

I am not taking any of this for granted..

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thachu said...

She is very cute, and you better get out of that Jewish guilt, and stop blaming yourself, Maya's eyes can kill you and can say everything that is in your mind. Maya is one amazingly cute kid. Enjoy her on my behalf. cant wait to see her. I love her like a love you.