365 Days of Maya - Day 140-147

Everything is just a blur right now. Maya is in a feeding frenzy and is well into solids. She wouldn't have made it to six months and I am in awe of how much she eats. My friends mom bought us the Baby Bullet and I've been pureeing my little heart out. So far Maya has enjoyed carrots from Opa Frank's gardens (and hates them), bananas, pears, apricots, Oatmeal baby cereal, barley baby cereal and apples. I will however, take a closer look at the Baby Led Weaning method when she's 6 months. Oh now that Maya is on solids, she has grown up poops. Her breastmilk poops smelled like Henna and now it just smells like poop. I've never been more behind on my 365 project but here's a start....

Asleep on my lap. I enjoyed watching her big belly rise and fall.

Ahhh I'd give anything to be a bride again. Happy Anniversary Frankie <3

Migraine from hell...I think this dark photo perfectly represents how I spent my day but it doesn't truly represent Maya's day. She got to go out on walks with Papa, a trip to the grocery shore, play time in the bath tub and lots of cuddles. She was one happy and sleepy baby when I finally crawled out of bed at 8pm.

This is my favourite photo from the entire project. Two people I love the most, looking stupidly cute, standing behind me looking rather confused, not knowing what to do with themselves while I was finishing up some dishes.

I totally made him pose. "But the Got Brooklyn bag is facing the wrong way" and "You're not holding the umbrella right!!". Poor guy. Don't worry he survived.

My days are spent feeding this child.

Bath time is happy baby time. She loves being in the bath tub.

My crazy loving parents drove all the way to Toronto to buy Maya gold bangles. And I LOVE them on her chubby little hands. She also got gold earring and she'll be wearing them as soon as I can find the time to get her ears pierced.