Christina & Family

Before I had Maya I would have told you without missing a beat that I prefer boys to girls. And then I became pregnant and felt this overwhelming feeling of "It's a girl, it has to be! How could I not have a girl?! Girls are the best!". My play date with Christina was heavenly. I had Christina and her family over to my home studio yesterday for some fun, natural summer photo's. I fell in love with this little girl, her beautiful brown hair, and the pretty pretty lace she was wearing. Little girls are pure magic!

Somewhere in between wondering "what on earth is this lady doing under my swing?" Christina flashed me that precious smile of hers.

Nataliya told me that there are very few pictures of her with Christina; which is usually the case since us mums are the ones taking all the photo's. So I loved being able to capture some tender loving moments between mother and daughter.

I love these photo's. I wish I could remember what it felt like to be thrown up in the air like that. You take that feeling for granted as a child. Look how happy she looks..

This is my wild!

I usually get the traditional family photo done first and then I try to create something that is a bit more unique and artsy. I love these pictures of Nataliya and Andrew holding hands with Christina plotting mischief in the background.

Nataliya and Andrew don't have too many wedding photo's so I did my best to sneak in some romantic pictures. 

Behind our home there is a heavenly little nook infested with mosquitoes unfortunately. I wanted to get some pictures in there but this sweet little family was getting eaten alive so I only got a couple.

So we moved our session to under my beloved Willow Tree..

Another beautiful family photo. I love how Nataliya is gently caressing Christina's hair. I do it all the time to Maya and it makes me melt.

I think it's funny that I use the latest in technology for my photography and yet I go out of my way to create photo's that look like they're over 50 years ago. The images below are so romantic. The one on the left was taken with a lensbaby (my fav lens) and processed using a black and white vintage action. It's so grainy, out of focus and perfect.

Another favourite photo. While mama and papa are having a moment, little Christina is happy playing by their feet. Also shot with a lens baby and processed with a vintage film action that took me forever to perfect (but so worth it!).

Nataliya, Andrew and Christina - I had silly amounts of fun. Please please please let's do this many many times!! 

Click here to read what Nataliya thought about our session. I don't think I have the words to express how much this means to me but I'll try anyway. When I decided to become a photographer couple of years ago I had a vision of the kind of pictures I wanted to take, of the experience I hoped my clients would have and I made myself a promise that I would do this with love (lots of love). I wanted to go way beyond the studio setting, black back-drop, totally contrived photo's and create something that was real and magical. Thank-you Nataliya for sharing your joy. I'm so happy you love your family photo's.

I'm so happy PERIOD.