365 Days of Maya - Day 148-157

Really don't like doing her 365 project in chunks like this but the past few weeks have been so busy. I need to be more organized and go back to doing one post per day. 

This is my new favourite outfit on Maya. She looks so cute in it! I still pinch myself everyday when I look at her face and think "She's MY baby?!"

Maya with her new friend, Buddy. I am deathly afraid of dogs. You would be too if you grew up in a country with no shortage of stray dogs. I was the only kid on my street that didn't get bit by a dog so I lived in a constant state of "Im next!" lol. I'm learning to not be so afraid of them and once again my daughter is teaching me how. I am amazed at how tender animals are around babies. Maya loved stroking Buddy and from the looks of it he enjoyed all the love.

Late night dinner with our friends Prashanth and Nagini.

I've been doing my best to get 30 minutes of cardio everyday. Needless to say I don't always succeed. But here's a start..

lol this picture makes me laugh! One second she was playing, the next she was passed out.

I hope that everyone is making the most of these last few days of summer. It kind of bums me out that by the time Maya starts walking we'll be knee deep in snow.

Ok I went a little overboard here but my GOD she looks so friggin cute!!! I am addicted to leg warmers and will be making a trip to 3 Little Monkeys soon to stock up on more.

I've been meaning to go to Two Monkeys for a while and made a play date with a friend of mine. I actually really liked it. The menu was very simple and perfect. The play area in the back was also very simple and perfect.

My friend Leah and her mom Paulette dropped by for tea. Leah is my sister from another mother and it was just wonderful spending time with her. Leah! Move to Ottawa already!! We went out for a looooong walk and had a little picnic under my Willow tree. 
Here's Paulette playing Itsy Bitsy spider with Maya and making her laugh.