365 Days of Maya - Day 166-175

Taken in Westport (second trip in 1 week) at Jake by the Lake. While we were in Westport earlier in the week, I bought the most perfect pair of jeans at this store. I've mentioned earlier that I don't have a decent pair of pants that fit me and had been feeling fugly. I bought a pair for myself as a birthday present. About 5 minutes later I lost them. I had left my card with Donna the owner and wouldn't you know it I had an email in my inbox saying she found my pants in front of another store. 
We (Maya, Mama, Dad and I) headed out to Westport accompanied by perfect weather. If you live around the Ottawa area you MUST go. The Fall colours are setting in and please use the country roads to get there instead of the highway (from Ottawa the country roads get you here a whole 1 minute faster lol). It is a stunning drive! I'm so glad I lost my jeans and I'm so thankful to Donna for finding them (and driving around town looking for me!). If you're ever in Westport, you must drop by and shop at this little store or you can shop online.

This time we got there for lunch and got to visit & shop at some of the stores. Lots of great (albeit slightly more expensive) finds.

I had so many opinions about what it meant to be a "good" mother before I actually was a mother. I'm breaking all my pre-baby stubborn rules. Maya drinks a small amount of water after lunch and dinner. She has never been constipated and has a poop schedule you can set your watch to. She started solids at 4 months and is doing really well. I also have her on formula during the day. I still nurse her twice in the morning and 3 times at night but during the day it's solids and formula. It's so great to be able to have my parents or Frankie watch Maya while I go out and explore the world.

My birthday. Here's what my day looked like.
Long hike at the trails behind the Nepean Sportsplex. We actually had Maya in her rickity stroller (I have one of those relatively cheap plastic wheel strollers) and at one point I had to carry her because it was proper off-roading. 
I am so doing a photo shoot here. The trees are tall and gorgeous and the Fall colours are going to make it even more stunning.

Best birthday present ever..

We decided to go to Westport on Monday. But slow pokes that we are by the time we got there it was 4:20 and the shops close as 5. So the only store we got to explore was Jake by the Lake. The view from upstairs was gorgeous. We enjoyed a walk around town, window shopping (since all the stores were closed) and had dinner at The Cove.

We stopped at Pat's for some fries, fresh air and to feed Maya. If we can Frankie always uses the back roads. It's a longer journey because you stop at so many beautiful places (and usually local businesses) along the way. Instead of a rest stop at McDonalds you get to have some fries and ice cream at Pat's (they have burgers too). We stop at everything we can - antique stores, flea markets, yard sales..everything. Sure we got to Westport a little too late but had such a fun relaxed day.

A friend of mine invited us to a Bhajan on Saturday at the Sri Satya Sai Baba Centre. My Maya looked like an Indian princess with her bindi. But those big grey-blue eyes gave away the Dutch in her. 

Almost forgot to take a picture!!! She woke up crying at 11:55 pm and I realized I hadn't taken a picture of her for the day. Comforted her and took this as the clock struck 11:59 pm. 

Or as Frankie says, "IchaBOB Crane".

Only allowed to watch Formula 1 and Top Gear. Man, we parents really do brainwash our kids don't we? lol 

Hardly baby's 1'st trip.