365 Days of Maya - Day 176-182

As am I (crazy happy that is).

What lovely sunny perfect weather we've been having. We're averaging at least 3 walks a day. Right now Maya loves nothing more than watching leaves. I am also constantly talking to her. Baby talk yes, but just sharing all my hopes and dreams and general observations. While we were sitting at a park bench admiring the trees I was telling Maya "I wish your papa was here instead at work. He would have the biggest smile on his face if he were here with us right now". Frankie, Maya and I miss you so much during the day. But you're in my heart and I see you in her eyes......

Hair soaked in oil to help with this baldness. I love it when she smells like coconut oil.

I have officially gone crazy right? I am starting to pack away some of Maya's pretty dresses for my future grand-daughter. Help me God!