The Larabie Family - Fall 2011

Rich and Jessie-Lynn were married February 2010 and in fact this was the first wedding I ever photographed. I had just started shooting professionally and couldn't believe my luck that two strangers were happy to give me this chance. Since then we've both been busy making babies and building our business. You should check out Jessie-Lynn's facebook page Crazy Bakes Artistic Cakes and order yourselves some cool treats!

We had been trying to schedule this session all summer. Between me having Maya, changing work schedules and crappy weather; our session got postponed time and time again. Finally we got together and we're all beyond thrilled with the end result!!!

Baby Evan was exactly 11 months old the day of our shoot. Between his big warm eyes, long eye lashes and that itty-bitty mouth, Evan pretty much owns you the second you lay eyes on him.

The family photo below is just perfect. Life with a baby is full of laughter and a whole lot of chaos.

The best part about the photograph below is Evan's little mouth at the very top. *MELTS*

The colours in the picture below are so vibrant!  And Evan looks incredibly cute with his big cheeks and hopeful eyes.

SO glad we were finally able to get together. I can't wait to do this again & watch your beautiful family grow....