365 Days of Maya - Day 201 - 214

We survived October! What a month and it went by in two blinks (three MAYBE). With Maya on solids and formula during the day I've been able to get away and do more photoshoots. 5 in total for October which really isn't a lot but while taking care of a baby full-time it's a lot. My precious daughter also get's the award for the worlds WORST napper. She sleeps for 10-20 minutes per nap, which makes it so hard for me to get anything done. And yet somehow it all gets done thanks to my wonderful Frankie and parents that are happy to help within a moments notice. Seriously, how do people do it with out helping hubby's and parents that don't live down the road?

At 7 months old Maya weighs 19 pounds & 4 ounces. She is a big baby. Not fat just big. We just packed away her baby car seat and she's now in one of those lazy boy style booster seats. It's freaking huge and I drive a 2000 Toyota Corolla so you can imagine how cramped things are in the back.

Maya has *almost* mastered sitting up but thanks to her chunky cloth diaper she takes the occasional tumble. We've stopped using massive premium size prefolds and now use pocket diapers since they come with thinner inserts. I also made inserts using some of her old burp cloths. This house is officially spit-up free (has been for a few months) so I've put our burp cloths to better use.

I love this outfit on her. It's so colourful and bright. Her parents don't match so why should she?

Maya watching the sun set.

Poor thing was just about to fall asleep in her stroller but I had to get this photo. Don't be fooled by her Zen like expression. She has found her will and has given me days of screaming; just for the hell of it it seems like. She went through a bit of teething (and screaming and sleepless nights) and then it all came to a halt. I can see two little teeth embedded in her gums and I know the second things start to get busy around here she'll decide it's time to teethe again. She also got her needles and had a low grade fever. All in all she has shed some tears this month and screamed like a banshee.

I love spending time at the park with Maya. I have so many beautiful shaded trees to chose from and we usually enjoy a book and some conversation with friendly strangers that drop by to say hello. 

You have no idea how proud I feel showing you off to everyone. Your beautiful eyes draw the whole world in.

Spent the day not doing anything around the house. No cooking, cleaning, folding, dishes, editing....nothing. I napped for two hours with Maya nuzzled in my arm. Falling asleep cuddling with a baby is the most wonderful feeling ever. 
I also finished reading Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. I cried non-stop for the first 70 pages. Having grown up in India, it hit close to heart. I wept for the millions of girls who are killed at birth simply because they are female.
Support this cause, spread the awareness!

My parents came over to watch Maya and I put away the biggest pile of laundry. Maya had fun playing on the pile and was in a fit of giggles because just about anything makes her laugh. She is so funny and so much fun to be around.

Maya loves saying Dada and of course Papa's heart is fully melted. She is "talking" non-stop. When she usually meets someone she is unnervingly intense and just stares at them. Once she is done freaking people out she starts babbling away.

Silly goose was holding her fav book above her face and dropped it. I found her laughing unable to find her way out LOL.

You remember Evan?

Frankie swears Maya built it.

I was so hungry and wanted to get dinner going but Maya felt the need to exercise her lungs. As soon as Frankie got home she stopped crying. I know she feels the resistance in me and fights back. I'm learning to go about doing the never ending million little things in a much calmer manner. 
In the mean time, I've got Frankie.

Once again, the second Frankie walked through the door she was all smiles. He didn't believe me when I said she had been screaming her head off.