The Mueller Family

The timing of this shoot couldn't have been more perfect. I had a string of sessions that I had to reschedule thanks to the weather and I was starting to question why I chose to be a natural light photographer in a city with such crazy weather. I imagined my future with a home studio and posed studio lit images (and cringed). Thankfully before I got too carried away with my thoughts I was blessed with the most perfect day and the most perfect family. Seeing these images fills my heart with gratitude because it was the reassurance I needed. I love being a natural light photographer and I love the beautiful depth it gives my images. The fact that this is the most gorgeous family ever helps too ;)

Say hello to precious little Brynn. She is 7 months old, sleeps through the night and is a champion napper. If I wasn't "working" and they weren't my clients I would have pinched her little cheeks until they turned red.

I should have given Carsten a big shiny gold star for being so great. Victoria had emailed me saying it was a challenge photographing him but thankfully she came armed with his blocks and lollipops. He couldn't have been happier and his portraits turned out just great!

Can you tell whose eyes Carsten has?

Victoria had said to me, "I don't really get headless photo's" so I did my best not to take any but I just had to sneak this one in LOL.

I really hope we get to do this again real soon!