365 Days of Maya - November

What a month. A month of revelations it was. I learned so much about myself and I'm entering December determined to make it stick. I've come to realise that busy is a state of mind. November was crazy and yet looking back I can not for the life of me remember what I did. Maya went from sleeping through the night to waking up 3-4 times a night. Massive sleep deprivation brought out the worst in me and I went through itty bitty bouts of depression. I'm thankful for this because it gave me no choice but to deal with certain things. I realised I was being extremely hard on myself. That no matter what I did I kept thinking it wasn't good enough. In this sleep deprived and uninspired state I started to think of life as nothing more than a to-do list and looked at every little thing as a chore. Needless to say by the end of the month we all took turns being very sick. A few days of rest, meditation and a huge karmic release later we are back to being our happy & healthy selves. 

To my dear sweet Maya, for the love of God sleep through the night again!!

Since we've been blessed with so many beautiful hand-me-love clothes I haven't really bought Maya too much. So I bought her two sets of Padraig booties. They are so comfy, warm and don't fall off. After 2-3 wears they are also very easy to slip onto a wriggly baby.

Maya and I picnic at the park as much as possible and people usually drop by to say hello. On November 8th we made friends with a Chinese mother and her 2 year old baby. She didn't speak any English and I don't speak any Mandarin but somehow we managed to communicate. It was such a great experience meeting someone and sharing so much with them using just my hands and ridiculously comical facial expressions. I wish I could have seen how funny we looked. Maya also munched on some crunchy leaves and we headed back home for a nap.

I gave her some baby mum mum and came back a few minutes later to find her eating her shoe. She is constantly doing things that make me laugh.

Can you believe I was actually depressed with this fountain of bliss in my life?? Don't judge me; having a loving husband and beautiful baby can be difficult sometimes LOL 

She is yet to experience a meltdown in public....I know the day isn't too far off but for now she absolutely loves running errands with me. People are usually in auto-pilot mode when grocery shopping but Maya's big smile and squeals of delight snap them out of it. She is so engaging with people and it makes me all kinds of proud!

I love this photo of Maya with her cousins Oliver and Lauren. My Ma (mother-in-law) was the creative director behind this.

Maya survived her first cold.

Poor little thing couldn't breath through her nose so she was only on liquids for 3 days. She had nasty mouth breather breath which also happens to be one of my BIGGEST pet peeves LOL. She had a low grade fever and thew up 5 times over the course of 7 days. First two times was from me feeding her solids when she clearly couldn't handle it. She wasn't able to breathe and threw up. The third time was from drinking too much milk. So she puked all over me. The fourth time was from ferberizing. I know, how awful! But she needs to sleep better so we can all be well rested with a more positive sunny out look on life. The fifth time I fed her lunch, gave her a bottle and then put her in her bouncy chair and started bouncing her. So in 2 minutes she puked everything out. I felt like such a fool for feeding her and then bouncing her around but lesson learned. My poor first born. 

After lunch, Maya and I usually head out to run some errands or go for a walk. She is my bestest bestest friend ever!!! I mean, my second bestest bestest friend after Frankie!!

Her new haircut isn't sitting too well and needs another go. It's so difficult cutting a baby's hair so I'm not complaining here..I think my mom did a great job. It just needs another trim. Until then Maya is looking like a massive dork!
I completely forgot we had a sippy cup so we've started using one now. She loves it and is slowly learning how to hold it herself.

It takes me longer getting the dishes done with her trying to "help" but it so much fun having her right next to me. To her, the kitchen counter is a new and exciting world. I was desperate for some perspective this month so I'm eternally grateful for my Maya because seeing the world through her eyes make a world of difference.

As I said, November was a month of revelations and I am entering December with a heart full of bliss.