Eric, Jen & Belly - Orleans, ON - Maternity Photographer

The only thing better than kissing the one you love are the butterflies in your tummy in the moments leading up to it. Butterflies plus baby in belly makes it even more magical.
I had the pleasure of visiting Eric and Jennifer at their lovely new home. Lucky little Boo is being born into a happy life!

We took a few photographs indoors since bare belly shots taken outdoors is not an option in mid-December. I love the contrast in style & feel and I love the variety it creates.

Oh so beautiful mama-to-be, looking at her baby.

These photographs were taken using a combination of natural light from the windows and my fill-in flash. It creates a slightly different look compared to my usual outdoor natural light style. I think it looks amazing! With Canadian weather it's nearly impossible to be a purist so I'm not against using a flash. 

I totally fell in love with Jennifers toes. The colour of her nail polish popped so perfectly in that setting.

We then drove to a trail very close to Jennifer & Eric's home to get some outdoor winter shots.