366 Days of Maya - Day 284

Seeing that I was sick all weekend, the house looked like a tornado went through it by the time Monday morning came along. I'm a bit obsessed with cleaning (and yes appearances too!) so when I saw our living room looking like this, it took a lot of slow deep breaths to keep myself calm. We bought this place when we were 24/25 and had so much fun decorating it. We had a lovely mix of Ikea furniture, flea market finds, Indian furniture, and nick nacks from around the world (see bottom photo taken summer of 2010). Then when we got pregnant I starting recycling, throwing and packing away stuff like there was no tomorrow. Now with our 9 month old Maya the place looks so completely blah (other than that precious smiley little face of course). 27 year old Shabana totally hates the Sun God Yellow paint picked out by 25 year old Shabana. I'm making lots of little plans to re-organize, renovate and re-decorate the place in the coming months and I'm pinning my little heart out.