366 Days of Maya - Day 296

Left home bright and early and drove to Toronto. It was such a beautiful laid back drive. 
Frankie and I took turns driving and spending time with Maya in the back seat. Once we arrived, the sheer excitement of a 3 year old ready to celebrate her birthday party was pulsating through the air. Between Laurens joy, the pretty balloons and the happy guests, Maya missed her afternoon nap. Things got ugly pretty fast, so Frankie and I fed Maya in the upstairs washroom (it was quiet and we didn't want to get Maya's food all over the carpet) and then Frankie gave her a bath. Before she went down for the night, Maya had another first. She pooped in the bathtub for the first time. Frankie said it was like watching a water birth LOL. Sorry I missed it! This kid was so tired she slept through all the happy chaos that is a 3 year olds birthday party. It was a fantastic night with family & friends, celebrating an extraordinary little girl & Maya's loving big sister.