366 Days of Maya - Day 313

We are currently in a list making and checking off frenzy with our vacation in less than 2 weeks. As an obsessive list maker, my list currently stands at 3 pages long. If you think I'm stressing, the answer is no. I love making lists and I'm so excited about this trip!!!

I've also got a shoot that I've been drrrrreeeaming of doing for almost 2 years now. Found the perfect mama-to-be with a beautiful round belly! In December I made the decision not to take on any more work so I could truly appreciate this last little bit of mat leave. I've been working with clients booking weddings and portrait sessions for this Spring, Summer & Winter. I'm enjoying my little Maya; who is getting funnier and cuter by the second! Every day I get one thing organized around the house. And I've been cooking all kinds of yummy food for my family. I've always loved cooking and I kind of lost the joy of cooking after I had Maya. It all got a bit overwhelming and I started to think of cooking as a chore. Not any more. Normality is being restored. 

Arthur: Normality? We can talk about normality until the cows come home.
Ford: What is normal?
Trillian: What is home?
Zaphod: What're cows? 

lmfao sorry I had to!