366 Days of Maya - Day 318

Trip to a friends house in Stittsville followed by a trip to the Stittsville Carp Road Flea Market. I loved browsing through every store. There was one in particular at the back that was exceptionally curated. The bottom photo in the diptych was taken there. The lady had lots of beautiful items from across the world that would make for fantastic accent pieces. I especially loved a bright red angular lamp from the 70's and I would have bought it if I had somewhere to put it. We also bought a jar of pineapple & mango jam, and two yummy dips, all for $10. Another advantage to shopping at a flea market (other than supporting a local business) is you can bargain. And who doesn't love a good bargain?!

Now onto some Maya news. She has been a *delightful* mix of super clingy, crazy hyper and fussy. She has been crying at the drop of a hat and I think we have some teeth on their way. At 10.5 months we are wayyy overdue for some teeth. It won't surprise me if she decides to teethe just in time for our long flight to Dubai. 

Oh Maya Maya....what do you have in store for us now?