366 Days of Maya - Day 344

Found this awesome quilt at the Dragon Mart in Dubai. If you live here or are ever visiting you must go. You'll have to dig through piles and piles of what seems like crap to find some really great finds. I found this little store that sold the prettiest quilts and I would have bought 10 if only we had more room in our luggage.

Today has been a very emotional day for me for countless reasons. I rarely ever mourn the fact that Maya is growing up so fast but these pictures made me cry. 21 more days and she is 1. God it hurts to even type these words. What a busy little girl she is these days. She hurt herself a total of 5 times while exploring anything and everything. Made a total mess of everything and it didn't upset me the least because I was one proud mama. 

Mooi Maya, you are brighter than the sun bubba. You are teaching me to be fearless. And you've taught my heart how to sing. For that, and so much more, mama is grateful.