Monday, April 2, 2012

366 Days of Maya - Day 362

I actually called my hubby at work, asking him to come home so I could sleep. I wasn't even joking. 
By mid-morning I was starting to feel very very sleepy. While out for a walk with Maya, I actually nodded off. I was desperate to keep her busy and all the goodies in my jewellery box came in handy.

After putting her to bed, I finally gave in to the darkness that was waiting for me all day long. Fever, vomitting, the other thing I don't want to type and migraine. Unrelenting, for the next three days. 


Vasu said...

Shabana how are u ? I hope u are feeling better now.

khush said...

shabu wat happend to 363,364,365,366 tis blog has become an addiction.want to know more dont feel like missin even a little.pls update