Brook & Geoff - surviving a zombie attack

 This session by Amanda Rynda has been all over Pinterest and Brook knew this was exactly what she wanted for her engagement photo's. Geoff and her brother Del (our zombie) didn't need too much convincing. Thank you Brook and Geoff for being so enthusiastic and creative, for enjoying every last detail of creating a fun, quirky and romantic engagement session. Thank you Del for being such an awesome zombie! And thank you Amanda, for the inspiration.

We had our session scheduled on the brightest of days and in the blink of an eye things got very cloudy and we started losing light FAST. I'm so glad I'll be shooting Brook and Geoff's wedding here at her moms home, so I'll have another opportunity to capture the sheer beauty of this place.

I think these two are going to do just fine in case of a zombie apocalypse.