We are gearing up to sell our condo. Right now it looks C-R-A-P. 90% of our furniture in the living/dining room has been packed away, the walls are currently being patched up and any and all sign of our personality is being removed; to make this place more appealing to a wider audience. I've always struggled with vanity but in all honesty, the present state of our home doesn't bother me one bit. Lately I've been gaining a great deal of perspective on what's important and the little things just don't urk me any more. I'm learning to love life exactly the way it is, instead of being in an almost constant state of restlessness because I have ten million creative ideas in my head and not enough time and certainly not enough money. I'm learning to....*breath*. And if feels so good and so peaceful.

So here's our list of reno's to give our home a simple, clean look. 
Re-paint the living room, kitchen, entry/bedroom hall ways, Maya's room and bathroom. Rip out our carpet and re-place with engineered hardwood flooring, renovate the kitchen and bathroom. New doors for Maya's closet and baseboards for the living/dining area. We have a LONG way to go, very little time and a tight budget. Should be s**t loads of fun, yeah? I'm super excited and so is Frankie. 

In the mean time, I've been dreaming of our future home. Frankie and I have decided that we're always going to be condo people (we love how simple it is to maintain and how cheap it is to heat in the winter) and we're looking at 3 bedroom condo's. I know that once we find a place that we can call our home indefinitely, I'm going to go NUTS creating a space that is uniquely brilliantly awesomely US!

These images from Wildflowers Photography make my toes curl with the possibilities. It is just plain MAD and good God I've always wanted a disco ball in my house! And Amen to kitchen cabinets painted with chalk board paint.