Christina, on a beautiful summer evening.

Little miss turned three a few days ago and her mama wanted to document this beautiful age. We had all sorts of ideas but Christina was far more interested in exploring the flowers and trees and running around and just being the sweetest little girl to ever walk the face of this earth.

This is the result of me trying to get her to look at my camera and stay still..saddest little face ever.
What, oh what, was I thinking?

Totally out of focus because she was too close to my lens wanting to take a peek at it. But I had to include this photo because its just way too cute not to.
I had my camera in one hand and was tickling her with the other, while thinking to myself "This is the best job ever!".
Happy birthday Christina!

Hope everyone has a beautiful Canada Day long weekend. We're off for a couple of days to house sit and take care of 20 barn cats haha.