Flower power

Not only did I get to sleep-in this morning, I woke up to flowers hand picked by my husband. 
Getting to share your life with your best friend is as good as it gets, really. 

On our night stand I have my all time favourite photo. Taken with a disposable camera, when we were moving out of residence, just before we had to spend our first summer together, apart. He wrote me countless love letters that summer and made me a wooden box with 101 love notes, each describing how much he loves me. 8.5 years later, our love has grown in ways I didn't think was possible.

Maya, you were made with love. A great deal of love, little one.

Maya wearing another one of her cousin Lauren's beautiful hand-me-love tops. Flower freshly picked from Aunt Kiera's gardens; held in place by Aunt Prasi's hair clip. See what I mean Maya? All kinds of love baby!