Nadia & Family

Nadia's session was a gift from her sister Mariam, to celebrate the arrival of baby Danya. And kudos to the girls for coordinating their shoots. We spent an hour photographing Nadia's family, had a 10 minute overlap and then did Mariam's family photo's. I was all kinds of exhausted and at one point found myself thinking "I wish these kids would just stay still for two seconds so I can catch my breath" LOL. But thanks to the running around and their wild & beautiful personalities, there is so much movement and interaction in these photo's. I always take the kids away from their parents and love watching their personalities come out. These little one's were so intelligent, sweet and funny, with all kinds of ideas about what they wanted to do. I just had to follow their lead.

I am finishing this off with my favourite photo. This was a gift to celebrate the arrival of wee Danya, and the photo below pretty much captures the sheer magic of what it means to have a daughter.

Oh and I finally got around to creating a design for the facebook timeline cover photo!