Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thank you

This thank you is LONG overdue. I should get an award for being the crappiest blogger ever.
So here goes, better late than never....

An extra special heartfelt thank you to NK from Style-ING w/ Children for featuring my business on her Dare to Think Local section.
Be sure to add her blog to your list of daily reads. It is full of passion, beauty and fantastically detailed about all things stylish. Nataliya gets full credit for us finally getting off our asses and starting reno's. Her blog has been so very very inspiring to me and has opened up a whole new world of creativity and personal expression.

Thank you so much Nataliya! And I hope to collaborate with you on countless occasions.


Designwali said...

thanks for commenting on my blog...it got me here! love your work!

Shabana Buwalda said...

Ahhh thank you!! Love your blog and the "if this saree was a room" feature is brilliant and always so spot on!