Home - An update

We've been making some pretty good, budget friendly progress around here. We started with painting our bright yellow walls (grey drizzle by Sico) and I found a gently used grey couch cover on usedottawa for $75.00. We've had this Ektorp Sofa for 5 years now and absolutely love how it went from white to red to grey and cost relatively little to change.

So great having our old dining table back. When I was pregnant I felt this overwhelming urge to get rid of everything. Not entirely sure why anyone agreed to packing away our dining table because it kinda totally sucked not having one. Anyways, it's back and we're enjoying it immensely. The art work is a flea market find by my mother-in-law for .75 cents/ea and it goes so perfectly with the runner I found at Pier 1 ($12.00 on sale).

I've been gushing over this pink chair since I first laid eyes on it at my in-laws. Many many not so subtle hints have been dropped over the past 8.5 years and last Christmas it was finally ours to love. My in-laws have exceptional taste in antiques and every last piece of decor at their farm house has been thoughtfully chosen. It means the world to us having this chair in our home. I'll be blogging more on this, later. But for now, here's a little peek.

Our home is so sacred to us and honestly, this simple inspired little transformation has put the biggest smile on our faces.

Next up, re-organize Maya's play area.