Staycation - Summer 2012

The plan was to go camping at Sharbot Lake but because of the fire ban we cancelled. Cooking food on an open fire is one of the things I love most about camping; so we decided to try again in August. We ended up exploring our beautiful city and enjoyed experiencing it through the eyes of our delightful little Maya. Sometimes I really do take the canals, rivers, lush green trees, friendly strangers, beautiful museums and countless hiking trails for granted. Maya gave us a lovely reminder of how beautiful Ottawa really is.  In all honesty, we spent most of our time admiring her as she went about discovering everything. It's fascinating to watch your child evolve. Truly fascinating. Through this 4 day staycation, we were 100% meltdown free. She didn't mind one bit missing her nap and was totally chuffed to be spending time with her mama and papa.We are thoroughly enjoying this much needed break from teething. Things have been rough around here for the past 2 weeks and I'm so glad her teeth decided to give us a break to enjoy our holidays. This alignment is nothing short of divine as far as I'm concerned because I'd much rather have happy inspired Maya while on holidays.

Day one we visited the Heartwells Locks, Experimental farm ($4.00 for parking all day) and Childrens Museum of Civilization (free on Thursdays from 4-8). She squealed her little head off watching the boats go by and I almost dropped to the ground laughing because her laughter was so over the top and comical. The simplest little thing and she was wild with joy.

The museum was also a hit!

Day two we spent the afternoon at Valley View Little Animal Farm. Maya wasn't really into the animals and in all honesty the farm animals+piss smell in the barn was a bit much on a hot summer day (this is coming from someone who was born and raised in India). But she had the best time ever at the play area, enjoyed ice cream and laughed and cheered her heart out watching the puppet show. And the "train" ride was the cherry on top! All in all, we enjoyed this sweet little place and think the owners have done a fantastic job running it.

Day three we headed out bright and early to visit Nana & Frampie at the farm. We then drove to Hudson, Quebec for the afternoon. Such a gorgeous town and their flea market was phenomenal!! You must go! There is great shopping to do at the market and in town.
 My baby bird was up at 5:30 am, missed her nap and spent the day outdoors. And she didn't complain or cry, not once! Frankie and I were in awe of how much she has grown and how beautifully she's evolving. She finally fell asleep at 8:30 pm on our drive home. The two of us were misty eyed and beaming with pride.

Day 4, we kept it simple. I caught up on some sleep and work while Maya and Frankie went for a hike at Pinhey Forest trails behind the Nepean Sportsplex. And in the afternoon we enjoyed a fantastic hike at The Waterfall Trail at Gatineau Park. Just as an FYI, there is no waterfall and this is not a stroller friendly hike.

The End.