The Power Family

I feel a genuine sense of happiness for little Jonathan. Every child on earth should be so blessed to grow up in such a nurturing environment. It's no wonder he's a wonder boy. Laura wanted me to capture the hour following Jonathan's dinner. That's right, all these photo's were taken in just 1 hour. Laura calls Jonathan her hummingbird and it's true, the boy moves FAST! Between the sun peeking in an out of the clouds, a toddler that is way too busy being awesome to sit still for more than a second and a blistering hot day; this shoot got me flexing my photographer muscles to the very max. But these are the images I love capturing. Real true happy moments.

Grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy. Many many photo's to share because I just couldn't choose.
I present you, the Power family; enjoying a hot summer evening in their beautiful backyard.

 Top right - Jonathan and his daddy have the exact same expression. I absolutely love it!

 I am so glad I captured Jonathan doing his favourite thing, pointing and saying "That?!".

Love these! I had the hose in one hand and camera in the other. SO-MUCH-FUN!

 Happy happy happy.
The end :).