friday love

I am incredibly lucky in that my child has always been a happy mellow baby. If she's whiny there's a good reason for it and it's usually something that can be resolved in hours or a few short days. Maya didn't get her first tooth until 11 months so now they're all coming in chunks. Poor little thing has spent the last 4 weeks working on 6 teeth tearing their way through. So I have had a whiny, miserable, no-napping, super clingy baby on my hands and this has made for some very very very very long days. I am not proud to admit that I completely lost my patience and compassion on numerous occasions and managed to make it all about poor old me when it was my baby that needed love and a sense of calm. But I am human and flawed and self-aware and capable of change and unconditional love. So yay for another lesson learned.
I also had a good chuckle thinking about the kind of mom I thought I would be before I had a baby - you know....the perfect kind. Looks like Maya has one more tooth to go before we hopefully get a much needed break from teething. 

Here are some pictures of my Maya this morning making tea, giving her baby a hug and helping me make the bed (whilst playing peek-a-boo of course). The upside to loosing perspective is that when you finally re-gain it, it fill's you up with wonder and peace.

Dearest little magic baby, I promise to get better at embracing all of you, exactly the way you are, wholeheartedly. And maybe someday you'll realise that every once in a while you kinda sorta totally drive me nuts. Are we cool?