Our little girl seems not-so-little with each day that goes by. She now knows to point to her diaper and say "Kok-Ko" (i.e. Kaka) and heads to the washroom to poop on her Freddy Frog potty. We introduced the concept of going on the potty about 2 months ago. No pressure, just letting her know that there was another option. We've had her on the potty a handful of times and of course she has seen us on the potty countless times. A few days ago she had three big poops that were horrendously gross to clean off her cloth diaper. So I looked at her and said "Maya, if you want to do Kaka, you can use the potty. Just say Kaka and mama will take you". And that was it, the next day (and ever since), she has been using the potty to go Kaka (not absolutely of course but 99% of the time). We'll wait a few months before teaching her to pee in the potty and I'm sure she'll let us know when she's ready to make a full transition.

Maya, pooping in the potty or not, mama and papa are SOOOOOOOO proud of you!!