Agriculture museum

First things first - dear friends from India, please don't make fun of the fact that I had to take my kid to a museum to see these animals.

We went on an excursion this morning with friends to the Agriculture Museum and I would highly recommend it. During the Holiday season entry is free (although you can make a donation to the food bank). There is a perfect mix of indoor and outdoor animals, so even on freezing cold days you can stay indoors if you like. At the very end there is a playroom for kids to snack, colour and read.

Maya wasn't too sure of all the animals and preferred staying in her stroller and when she did get out she held on to her stroller real tight. She did however LOVE watching the chickens and wee piglets and I did too. Honestly, it was the cutest sight ever seeing a bunch of piglets nuzzled together staying warm.

She stood here for a good 15 minutes just watching the animals. 

Holding on to her stroller for moral support.