christmas 2012

3 celebrations and every single moment was steeped in love. 

Christmas eve
 I always enter the season feeling very grumpy. I hate shopping and it seems Christmas is all about shopping. So this year we decided to quit being grumpy and create our own experience instead. I didn't drink any alcohol (ok two glasses at our 3rd and final gathering but that's it) because it always gives me a headache, and we hand made our Christmas decor & presents. Things were simple, creative and full of love; just the way we like it.
 Christmas day was spent with my parents and in-laws together at the farm. I really can not imagine a more perfect Christmas experience. My daughter got to spend the day with 6 of her favourite people on earth and I know I had a Buddha smile across my face all day.

Next we had the Vandermeulen Christmas where Maya had her first (and terrifying) encounter with Santa this season. I have no idea if we'll be making the whole Santa myth part of Maya's Christmas experience. This year we didn't, which would explain why she wanted nothing to do with him. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, this is just pure indifference to the whole experience on my part. It's not something I grew up with so I guess I'm not really into it and it just seems like a lot of work (yes, I'm that lazy).
 *sigh* but look at the wonder on their faces. maybe I'll get my act together next Christmas after all.

 Best Santa ever by the way (but not better than my hubby was last year of course). 

And finally we were back at the farm celebrating with all the boys and their wives and kids. Spending the day with family and three brilliant, funny, cheeky little children was!

 Life size dolls are pretty fun.

 My dear maya - your mama was a girl who grew up in India, just like your doll. Things are very different there for a lot of girls and someday I will tell you so many beautiful, funny, happy and sad stories about where I'm from and what life was like before your Bubby and I moved to Canada. I hope you can see yourself in this doll. India is a part of you.

Watching Shrek with two little girls who asked to sit on my lap and cuddle. And Olly in the back looking so hilarious makes this photograph perfect.