day with Nana

Maya has been starting to feel better and is almost done teething, so we are finally experiencing a bit of relief and rest. We had the most perfect day with my mother-in-law and I don't think my little one took her eyes off her Nana. It was the cutest thing ever to watch Maya reveling in her Nana's love, adoration and undivided attention. 

This was Maya's first time ever really exploring Wal-Mart (with me at least) and I think I just found a great free winter activity. Let your child run wild in the trippiest place on earth. Maya didn't know what to do with herself and was soooo happy to have been let loose in such a crazy place. And I'm pretty sure she touched everything.

 All Maya wants from anyone is for them to read her a book. Nana had the honour of reading every last one of Maya's books, twice.