into the wild

Dear Maya - It would appear that you have finally decided to participate in winter. Up until last week you refused to walk in snow. This whole Winter experience has been a very difficult adjustment for both you and I. But yesterday, on our morning hike with friends, you decided it was time to go for it. You walked on snow for the first time ever (while pulling your puppy along in a sled). You even decided to run and join your friends for a bit. But first you handed the rope to me, said good bye to your puppy and made sure he was ok. You are so adorably thoughtful and sweet. You were completely in awe from watching Jake and Max playing in the woods. For the first time you really pushed yourself physically and explored your surroundings and walked in deep snow. Exploring these woods has been one of our favourite past times, so I am not at all surprised that you were able to dig deep here and find your strength.

(p.s. a special thanks to dear scarlet for the inspiration. i love writing these letters to Maya.)