made with love - UN-blahing an Ikea picture frame

The slight downside to me being a photographer is that we have wayyyy too many pictures to choose from to put together a gallary wall. But the good news is I have everything narrowed down and ready for printing. And I finally got around to un-blahing some of my Ikea picture frames. 

 These were super easy to do. Crafting paper and re-useable (because at some point I'll end up hating this look) double sided tape (thank you Pintrest). Done and done. Our walls are gray, with yellow, blue and pink accent pieces. So the "new" picture frames really tie in the living room colours together subtly and perfectly.

This one here was a bit more work. I used oil paint (because that's all we have around here), which took a while but I so love the uneven look. I cut out some flowers and butterflies from crafting paper and the end result looks wonderfully bright and happy.
Here is the original. Funny enough I love both looks equally. 

And here's my monkey looking like a lot of trouble.