less than a month to go

and she'll be two.

Dear Maya - Where did this little pookie go? When did you get so big? I'm pretty sure I've been keeping an eye on you this whole time and yet somehow I'm surprised you're so big.
You are at the tail end of your cough and cold and I just have to tell you how beautifully you've handled it. The last few times you were both sick and teething, and turned into a mean, clingy, whiny, screaming version of yourself. It was hell. This time however you weren't teething and it was amazing to see how calm you were. You asked to climb into our bed and watch "payto" (Pingu), tucked-in with your puppy. And that's pretty much how you wanted to spend your time recovering. Today you woke up healthy and inspired again and spent all morning playing, running around, reading and eating and being all kinds of cute & giggly. You asked to watch payto once and didn't make a fuss when I turned it off after 15 minutes.
Do you know how hard it is not to squish your adorable little head? I love you so much little monkey!!