Saturday, April 6, 2013

the mud oven

Saturday morning at The Mud Oven.
This was our first time here and we both loved it. So much so that sharing was starting to get really difficult for both of us and I'm already making plans to come back here without Maya. Such a fun place for all ages and so well organized. Not budget friendly enough that we can come here as often as I'd like (which is ok because I'm not sure I want a house full of ceramic crafts). Maya was sooooo into it. She had a hard time sharing with me as well; which is rare for Maya. We painted a penguin (still obsessed with freaking Pingu) and a coffee mug for papa to take to work.


thachu said...

I am so glad that her "Pingu" was painted. Love to see her concentration. Oh she makes me smile. You gave me ideas to keep her engaged. she already hid my painting brush in her toy basket.

Shabana Buwalda said...

this summer we're spending our afternoons painting. I'm going to create a beautiful set-up for her outside. she thoroughly enjoyed it mama!