riverglen biodynamic farm | ottawa photographer

One principle we must grasp,
Otherwise no development will be possible in our crucial time.
Seek the truly practical life
but seek it in a way
that does not numb you towards the Spirit that is working in it.
Seek the Spirit,
but do no seek it out of greed for the supersensible,
from supersensible egoism;
but seek it, because you want to apply it
unselfishly in practical life, in the material world.
Make use of the ancient principle:
“Spirit is never without matter, matter never without Spirit.”
So that you say:
We intend to handle all material matters in the light of the Spirit,
And we shall seek the light of the Spirit in such a way
That it will kindle in us a warmth for our practical deeds.
Spirit that is led into matter by us;
Matter that is shaped by us until it reveals the Spirit it contains;
Matter that receives through us the Spirit revealed;
The Spirit that is brought by us to and into matter;
All this will build that active and vivid substance
Which can take humanity into real development;
Into that kind of progress that the people of today
In the deepest and most worthy longings of their souls
Can only but yearn for.

I first heard of bio-dynamic farming a few years ago through my dear friends in India. Everything about it feels so gentle, loving and full of integrity and soul.
Spending time at Riverglen during early Spring felt mystical. 
I loved exploring this beautiful place, hearing Caroline talk about their lives and farming, and photographing the crops just as they were peeking their leaves out from under the soil. I can't wait to see this place in full bloom when I come back in July. I left feeling hopeful and happy about humanities ability to evolve. Thank you David & Caroline for having me over. And thank you for taking the road less traveled.

  For those of you who live in Ottawa, be sure to like their facebook page for updates. Produce is available for purchase at their farm store and at our local farmers market. For those of your that don't live here, I hope you seek out farms like this locally and support them.

 My sincerest hope this year is to collaborate with people and businesses that are taking the road less traveled and to share their story with you.