mad artist

 It's summer! I am more than Ok with the fact that we seemed to have skipped Spring.
Today we painted, went to the park, painted, went to the park and went to the park once last time. I am so exhausted in that "I'm going to fall asleep smiling" kinda way.

 Dear Maya - You are feeling everything so intensely right now. When you're happy you're soooooo happy and then blink twice and it's all over. I am happy to report that mama is getting better and better at keeping her shit together while you're busy losing it. You have decided to fight me over everything. Even when I'm helping you and giving you exactly what you want, you're pissed. This too shall pass (right?!). Until then, I'll enjoy your extreme emotions and wipe away your snot, tear, paint and dirt covered face (and lose my shit once in a while too because I'm human).