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I find myself bursting with pride and giddy with joy over the littlest things when it comes to her.
Today, Maya joined her cousin Olly on his pre-school excursion to the Experimental Farm. Her Aunty Kiera was one of the chaperones. So here I am excited she'll be off on her own little adventure, that she would get to spend time with people she loves and people she's meeting for the very first time, that she would get to sit on a school bus and spend her morning at a farm with lots of beautiful animals. And that she would get to do all this with out me there. Very very exciting stuff for this mama. I picked out her clothes last night, ironed them, hung them on her door and stood back and smiled while imagining her in it. So fun!! 
Maya is growing more and more confident. We tried day care one day a week for three weeks last year and it created so much anxiety in all of us. That was the time Maya grew attached to her puppy. To this day I regret not listening to my instincts. The notion that your child will lack socially from not being in daycare is a very popular one. I've had people mention this to me bluntly with arrogance and gently with the intention of love & guidance. So we gave daycare a try, against my instincts and it didn't work. We were both utterly miserable.
So I started focusing on time spent with people we love and how much these experiences were helping her evolve. Our life is filled with play dates, playgroups, excursions, time with loved ones and long beautiful walks exploring nature. Maya is growing so confident in her world of love. And she is growing into her independence gently.

I think I may have captured her very first "Mom, you're embarrassing me" look.
maya is wearing
cardigan & shoes - from mama
white shirt - from nana ypie
skirt & socks - cousin laurens hand-me-love
hair tie - aunt lori